We Need Your Help to Expand Medicaid in SC!

This post is taken from an email communication by a grassroots organization, RemedySC.com, engaged in efforts to expand Medicaid in the state of South Carolina. Under the Affordable Care Act, provisions for lower income citizens make Medicaid more widely available, but individual states have the right to refuse to accept those funds. It is up to us to let our representatives know that we want all of the people of SC to have access to healthcare. Read the communication from Remedy SC below for more information and links to important petitions. Additional information on Medicaid Expansion is available here.

We appreciate your support!

Is “It A Great Day in SC” for All?
ONLY if we get Medicaid Expansion!

Tired of hearing our SC legislators toe the Tea Party line of Gov. Nikki Haley?

Concerned that not only will poor people NOT get health care but also SC will lose potential jobs and revenue by this “cut off your nose to spite your face” move by our elected officials?

We have lots to do within the next few weeks to get the SC Senate to pass the Medicaid Expansion bill.

Here’s something we all can do!

There are two petitions circulating that ask the SC Governor and Legislature to pass Medicaid Expansion. (Links below.)  Please sign them.

Also, share!!  Send both of these petitions to everyone on your email lists, family and friends. Ask everyone to sign both petitions.

One was created by the SC Hospital Association. The other petition started by Oconee Democrat Paulette Keffas already has more than 3,500 signatures.


This is grassroots at its best. Let’s DO IT! Yes, we can!!

Rosellen Aleguire

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