Details: 2014 Day In Blue – Wednesday, March 26th

“A Woman’s Place is in the House…and in the Senate.”

Fellow Democrats, please join your Democratic Women’s House Caucus and South Carolina Democratic Women’s Council for our 2014 Day in Blue on Wed. March 26, 2014 as we celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring our Democratic Women candidates.

At 10 AM, we’ll gather for a press conference in the State House Lobby to hear the vision for a better South Carolina from our women candidates. At 10:30, we’ll convene in House Chambers to be recognized by the Speaker of the House.

At 11 AM, during a working lunch, we begin our advocacy workshops in Room 112 Blatt Bldg. We’ll hear from our South Carolina Democratic Party chair Jaime Harrison and our 2014 Democratic slate.  Our Democratic Women House Caucus members will provide us with a legislative update.

If you’ve ever thought about running for office but didn’t know where to begin, our Day in Blue panelists will provide answers you seek. Back by popular demand is Jay Parmley’s “Twenty-seven, nine, three” elevator speech messaging.

We will have discussions ranging from Political Action Committee involvement in campaigns, fund raising myths and realities, messaging for candidates in Republican districts, discussing how to not to lose your base but attract Republican votes, field plans, and imaging.

Because we recognize that no candidate can survive without a volunteer base, Deb Morrow, Fourth Congressional District Vice President will chair a discussion on the importance of creating enthusiastic volunteers and will show us how many different ways there are to volunteer.

Please click link for the 2014 Day in Blue Registration Packet, which contains Day in Blue directions and parking information.

See you there! And please wear something blue!!

Susan Smith                                                                                                                                                                       President                                                                                                                                                                           South Carolina Democratic Women’s Council


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