District 5

The dedicated women of the 5th Congressional District, under the leadership of our Vice President, Hattie Ross, are in the process of coordinating with existing DWC organizations to build new women’s groups in the district. Be sure to check out the websites below for upcoming meetings and events in District 5.

The Democratic Party Headquarters has re-opened and some of our fellow Democrats have announced that they are seeking  political positions. Ann Morrison, a member of the YCDWC, is running for City Council.

Each month our membership has grown, and we are making a difference in CD5! Our members have enthusiastically joined in to provide support for Candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch through phone canvassing. The YCDWC is in the process of finalizing plans for the Mrs. Bessie Moody Lawrence Scholarship. Also we have partnered with Voter Registration helping those who do not have a photo ID obtain one. 

Our goal is mobilize the 5th Congressional District and encourage Democratic women to run for office. Be sure to check the event calendar page for upcoming events in our district.

5th District Democratic Organizations and Clubs:

York County Democrats

Indianland Democrats

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