Violence Against Women Act

Excerpts from Politics

“The GOP’s version of VAWA Should be called the Defense of Violence Against Women Act via PoliticusUSA

The House GOP’s watered down version of the VAWA is more about preserving their bigotry than anything about protecting women from violence.


Rather than voting up or down on the Senate’s Violence Against Women Act, House Republicans counter offered a watered down version, which can be read here.



Marco Rubio  opposed the bill because, according to his statement,  it would divert funding from domestic violence programs to sexual assault programs. We all know just how concerned Republicans are about prosecuting rapists.

Last month, Rmuse  observed.

“Congress, Paul Ryan and Todd Akin attempted to redefine violent sexual assault in terms of the “legitimacy” of a rape, and although the notion that violent sexual intrusion would be considered illegitimate offended decent Americans’ humanity, conservative pro-life Christians cheered the GOP language.”

According to Rubio, it means Indian Tribes could have criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians who abuse women, which like Grassley’s “argument” is factually inaccurate.”

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