One of the most important efforts of any effective organization is to establish a means by which it can engage the larger community. It’s more than simply a question of visibility–an achievement often sought through sensationalism or following the pack. In order to have impact on its community, an organization must demonstrate that it has value.

If we wish to be of service to a community, then we have to know and understand that community’s needs. Media is one of the important tools to reach that goal. Websites are a window not only into an organization, but a window into how the community uses the information they share.

Through this site, as well as our other communication efforts, the SC Democratic Women’s Council strives to meet the challenges set before us…to engage the broader community of democratic voters, and learn from them how we as a group can be of service to our fellow democrats, a bridge to our legislators, and a support to women in politics in the state of South Carolina.

Our President, Susan Smith, asked me to serve as Director of Communications in order to take the SCDWC to this next, very important step. It has been my goal to provide a content-rich environment for you on this website and on our other social media points. In the near future, I will be working with our members to launch new and exciting media including a Blog Talk Radio channel and a new Youtube channel. These great resources will provide a new way to share democratic ideas and policy, as well as share video footage from our events, hear interviews by leaders and innovators in the community, and beyond. This is a very exciting time for SCDWC and I am thrilled to be part of it.

It has been my honor to work with such a group of dedicated women with the fire and determination we need to forward the cause of democracy in our state. Together, we will indeed go far!

Chris Cherry

Chris Cherry
Director of Communications, SCDWC

Chris Cherry, Director of Communications
Susan Smith, President
Susan Breslin, SCDWC Member
Emily Hardin, SCDWC Member

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