Support SCDWC

The SC Democratic Women’s Council is made up of a diverse group of women (and supportive men) throughout the State of South Carolina, who are engaged in grassroots efforts to forward the cause of democracy in our state and with affiliates across the country. We work diligently, sometimes with little visibility and certainly no fanfare, on vital issues that impact the ability of our citizens to engage their constitutional rights in this country.

We believe in these rights in a profound and personal way. It is our duty and our privilege to hold that ground against those who set policy that abridges or abrogates those rights. It is our hope that those visiting this website will find a wealth of information, as well as opportunity, to join in this worthy cause.

Many brave people take a stand every day to ensure that the citizens of our beautiful State of South Carolina have a voice in our democratic process. We value each of them, and each of you, in this long fight. We are stronger together. If you want to travel fast…walk alone. If you want to travel far…walk together.

Join the SCDWC today. Click here to visit our fundraising page and become a member of the SC Democratic Women’s Council.

Thank you for all the good work that you do!

DWC - state silouette

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